Connect Classes Meet Sundays @ 9:45am - 10:30am

At Faith Chapel, we desire to see individuals connect with one another outside of our worship services. Jesus called us all to be His disciples and to grow and mature in our faith. Discipleship cannot happen in isolation. As a church, we are committed to providing many opportunities for you to connect with one another, to encourage spiritual growth and deepening of relationships.

2016 Connect Classes

Class Brochure

Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis – Eric & Julie Madril  - 12 week video course (B202)

Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis is a groundbreaking 12-part DVD series that offers scientific evidence that confirms Genesis as a chronological record of God's creation.Itsupports a biblical worldview with empirical scientific evidence and offers defensible answers to some of the most provocative and controversial questions of faith and science.  Through interviews with leading experts, on-location investigations, insights from cutting-edge research, dynamic animation, and stunning visuals, Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis takes viewers on a memorable journey through some of the most fascinating topics in creation science.

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Who Switched off my Brain? – Merrily Thomas & Marcia Strieker – 14 week video course (B200)

Who Switched off my Brian? Illustrates how the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience prove Scripture, that you can renew your mind.  You can break the cycle of toxic thinking and emotions. You can break unhealthy patterns. 2 Corinthians 10:5 tells us to take every thought captive; you can now learn and understand how science lines up with the effectiveness of daily principles God has laid out for us in His Word. You will learn practical applications for detoxing your thought life and important keys for each of us to break free from our hurts, habits and hang-ups.

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Who You Are In Christ – Rick & Donna Ostendorff  (B203)

Can you imagine waking up and finding out you are the son/daughter of a King? Well that is who you are if Jesus is your Savior. With this son-ship comes benefits, rights and responsibilities. Come learn with us as we comb through the scriptures and find out all that Jesus, Abba and Holy Spirit has done for us, and who you really are in Christ.

Most Common Questions Answered/ Exploring the Breastplate of Judgment -  Betty Dayeh and Rose Neccochea (C210)

What is the unpardonable sin? Who is Michael the Archangel? Who is the accuser of the Brethren? Who was Lot’s wife? What is the Truth (Pilate and Jesus)? The Mantel of Elijah and the anointing of Elisha - and much more". The Breastplate study will explore and explain the breastplates purpose and symbolism of the materials used to make it, as described in Exodus 28. We will focus on the gems that were placed in the breastplate according to the 12 tribes. Also the colors of the gems and how they symbolize Christ and His church today; and to remind us of the Covenant God has made with His people.

Singles 30+: Salt & Light : Fruit of the Spirit
– Woods, McAuley, Osnaya and Bedsole – Ongoing Class  (C215)

This class will continue its study of the Fruit of the Spirit Galatians 5:22-23. The hope for this study is to move us beyond discussion and reflection and into the application of these fruits in our daily lives. We are using the Zondervan Bible Studies as a guide to navigate through this study, helping us to grow in our ability to reflect on the character of Jesus.

The Book of Revelation
– Joshua Generation – Ongoing class (C212)

Come join us as we embark on a verse by verse study of the Book of Revelation. Far from being the mysterious, incomprehensible book many imagine it to be, Revelation’s purpose is to reveal truth, not obscure it. It contains more details about the end times than any other book of the Bible. It portrays Christ’s ultimate triumph over Satan, the final political setup of the world system, and the career of the most powerful dictator in human history, the final Anti-christ. It mentions the Rapture of the church, the Tribulation and the Great Tribulation, the second coming of Christ, the climactic battle of human history (Armageddon), the thousand year earthly kingdom of Jesus Christ, and much, much more.

Rich Hopping – Ongoing Class (Choir Suite)

Please feel free to join with us as we journey on a verse-by-verse, comprehensive study of the book of Colossians. Colossians is a Prison Epistle (letter written while in prison). It was written to counter and respond to heretical teachings and encourage believers to serve with fervor and passion. 

Nine Crucial Questions55+ - Bill Barham – Ongoing Class (Activity Center)

Nine Crucial Questions (Life of Joseph) He was chosen and rejected; loved and hated; favored and abused; betrayed and rescued; promoted and imprisoned; tested and rewarded; slandered and praised.  At No time did he take his eyes off the Lord. Adversity didn’t harden him.  Prosperity didn’t ruin him.  Temptation didn’t destroy him.  Imprisonment didn’t embitter him. Promotion didn’t change him.  He was a truly great man. Join us for the word along with fellowship, food and fun.

End Time Prophecy
- Tony and Tina Orlando – ongoing class (C211)

Where does America find herself in END TIME PROPHECY?  Messianic, Author Rabbi Jonathan Cahn explores the ANCIENT MYSTERY THAT HOLDS THE SECRET OF AMERICA’S FUTURE in his best selling book the HARBINGER.  We are concluding this amazing study in tandem with AMERICA’S LAST CALL. 

Starting Point – Pastoral Staff (Hospitality Suite)