Children's Ministries

FC Kids is purposefully designed to provide meaningful worship opportunities for infants to 6th grade in a fun-filled way.  We accomplish this through age-appropriate, biblically-sound curriculum, high energy, hands-on activities, and music.


Faith Chapel Kids Ministry                      

 Our goal is to:

  S - Share the love of Jesus with each kid

  H -Help kids encounter Jesus personally

  A -Advance kids in spiritual maturity

  R -Reinforce the importance of serving
                                                                  God and others
                                                              E -Equip kids to share their faith


First Time Guest

Look for the Check-In Desk to your right of the front entrance to our Children’s Building. We'll ask you a few brief questions, register your family within our Faith Chapel Community system, provide you with a security tag, and help your child settle into the classroom created specifically for their age and stage of learning.


Regular Attenders

Each time you arrive to FC Kids Ministry, your first stop will be one of our check-in stations. You’ll enter your personal identification number, select the appropriate class per child, and print labels for your family. Check-in opens 20 minutes prior to the start of each service.


How Does Check-In Work?

Each weekend when you check your child in, you and your child will be given matching identification labels that are exclusive to your family and your visit. Your child will need to wear the label throughout service. When you return to your child’s room, simply show your tag for your child to be released back into your care. 

If for some reason you were to lose your matching tag, please find a FCKids staff member at the FCKids Check-in Desk and present your identification. Feel free to ask any of our volunteers or staff any questions you have about our values, policies, or procedures.


Sunday Services (8:30… 9:45…10:45)

Promotion Sunday occurs the first Sunday of September.  If your child is in the indicated age bracket by that Sunday, they enter the following classes…

Yellow Birds:  Infant - 18 months

Red Birds:  19 months - 23 months

Purple Hippos:  2 year olds

Green Gators: 3 year olds

Blue Elephants:  4 year olds

Orange Tigers:  5 year olds (Kindergarten)

Elementary:  1st-6th grade (Worship 1st and 2nd Services)

                      1st-4th grade (Connect Class between services)

                      5th-6th grade (Connect Class between services)

Wednesday Night Discipleship Clubs

This is an important and exciting evening as Faith Chapel Kids Ministry partners with you in the Christian discipleship of your kids with a genuine desire for each to thrive in their personal relationship with Jesus, to know what the Bible says, and spur within each the plans and purposes God has for their life. The year is divided into three sessions, Fall, Spring, and Summer, for all clubs.  Kids can join at any time throughout the year but are encouraged to start the year in September to fully capitalize on all that each club offers within the curriculum.  Clubs include…

Nursery:  Infants to 23 months

Noah’s Zoo Club:  2-5 years old


Girls Ministries

Daisies:  Kindergarten

Prims:  1st-2nd grade

Stars:  3rd-5th

Friends:  6th

Royal Rangers

Ranger Kids:  K-2nd grade

Discovery Rangers:  3rd-5th grade

Adventure Rangers:  6th grade



Ultimate Challenge: 5th-6th grades (boys & girls)

After Services/Classes

On your way home, encourage discussion with your child. Ask your child questions like, “Did you have fun?”

and “What did you learn today?” Your kids will always have a Bible lesson, so we encourage you to continue this conversation and help your child discover more about God's Word during the week. 


FC Kids Family Toolkit

Homefront Weekly is a resource through the Tru curriculum we use that allows your family to have time in God’s Word BEFORE your children attend church. Because God’s plan is for parents to be the primary spiritual nurturers of their children’s faith, we want YOU to be the one to introduce this part of The Big God Story to them.  These are sent home each month along with FCKids monthly newsletter. 


FCKids Newsletteris distributed on the first Sunday of every month with updates on what we are learning, upcoming events, and other highlights.  Parents registered through our Faith Chapel Community system can also receive a digital copy via email as well if desired.


FCKids Quarterly Video Update is an opportunity for you to “plug-in” to all of the great things happening in FC Kids Ministry.  We look forward to the debut of these videos in the Spring of 2016.


HomeFront Magazine: A Spiritual Parenting Resource is a monthly magazine that gives your family ideas for creating fun, spiritually forming times in your home—setting aside sacred space in the midst of your active, everyday lives. Visit to subscribe to the print edition or to have a digital copy sent directly to your inbox.


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